10 Jobs Before the Age of 30-Explaining Frequent Job Movement:

There are seasons of life that bring forth frequent job change for a variety of reasons.  It is an adventure and fun at times along the journey, but the consequences can be enormous when trying to find employment and your resume displays 10 jobs before age 30.  Changing jobs between the age of 20 to 30 is common and nothing to fear, you have to discover yourself and your likes/ dislikes.  It takes time and experiences to realize your strengths and areas of interest.  Most graduate college and are searching for a position that pays, then the reality of daily work settles in and the desire to have a job that “makes you happy” creeps in.  Finding a job that you love and are happy with takes time and will likely not be the first position you accept.

Despite what you might be told or read, frequent job changes are not all bad.  Changing jobs helps to keep you interested and increase your skills set.  You will network more and experience far more having worked several jobs at the beginning of your professional career.

So how do you explain in an interview or on your resume the reasons for multiple jobs and high frequency of turnover?  More so, how do you explain that your frequent job movement was beneficial and has increased your abilities as an employee? Show them what you completed at each position.  Did you develop a new concept, marketing campaign or system? Tell about it.  Show your success and how you were able to fully advance the company in your short stay.  Express what you learned about yourself and how that applies to the position you have applied for.

Frequent job movement benefits the employee, but not the employer.  Many companies strongly desire and pride themselves on the ability to attract and hire young professionals; meaning the number of jobs you’ve had are not an issue in receiving an open position.  Frame your experiences and previous jobs correctly.  Recruiters/ Interviewers want to hear your stories of success in job movement, not about the failures which led to unemployment.

Explain what consistencies happened during each of your jobs and what of those consistencies you found to enjoy.  Likewise, express how those consistencies  are part of this open postion.  Frequent job movement usually brings you to a place where you finally know what you want to do and what you are best at- let that be the focus on your interviews and resume, not the laundry list of previous employment places.


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