Master a Phone Interview

Once a job is posted hundreds of resumes flood in to recruiters and candidates try and receive their chance at an interview.  Many applicants are not even qualified for the position available so there must be an elimination process that happens quickly to filter through.

Recruiters/ Interviewers often use phone interviews as preliminaries to narrow down the number of candidates qualified for the position.  A phone interview is a huge first impression and is very important to succeed at.  A phone interview gives recruiters an inside look into who you are past a paper resume.  Don’t be afraid to showcase your personality and what makes you unique.

Phone interviews should be taken just as serious as a face to face interview.  Plan to have a phone interview during a time that you will not feel rushed.  Cramming it during your lunch break might not lead to a face to face interview because you will feel rushed and stressed about the time leading you to not perform your best.  Plan to have a morning or afternoon off from your present job or additional distractions.  Phone calls can run late because a recruiter/ interviewer is busy, avoid having to miss the call or reschedule because you have other obligations.

So once you get the call what type of posture should you have and how should you act? By all means you are not seen face to face so is laying on the couch acceptable?  We suggest you keep professional manors even though the recruiter cannot actually see you.  What would you do in an office? Just do that in your home- avoid eating, chewing gum or watching that weeks funniest YouTube video during the call.  Be sure and speak clearly and introduce yourself just as you would face to face.

Likewise, be sure and have your resume in hand and ready to speak about during the call.  Often times it’s easy to become nervous and forget something simple that is stated on your resume.

During the call be sure and avoid interrupting the recruiter/ interviewer.  Take your time in gathering your thoughts so you are able to give clear and short answers to each question asked.

End each phone interview thanking them for their time and asking for a face to face interview stating that you would love the opportunity and think that you would make a great candidate for the open position.


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